About Me

The only daughter of Frances Ann and Harold Bernhard, Helene, as she is known by friends, comes from a long, proud Texas heritage. She is a descendant of a soldier in the Spanish American war, a Texas Ranger, the Luckenbachs and a Bootlegger. She is often heard spinning tall tales into the wee hours of the night-another family trait passed along to her. An artist at heart, her gifts were first recognized in elementary school for her “Droopy Dog” which was awarded 1st place and earned her the endearing title, “The Champ” in Kerrville. Educated in architecture and construction at Texas A&M, Helene combines her professional career with her bohemian life style, bringing eccentricity and color to her hometown of Kemah. Since weathering Hurricane Ike, Helene has devoted a great deal of time rekindling her love of watercolor with much inspiration from the Texas, her really true romance. Between painting, cooking, family and friends, she shows great zeal for these loves of her life as they help her discover the true beauty of all that is around her. Helene will gladly accept commissions, but you may have to partake in some wine and some of those tall tales in order for her to get the feel of what you really want!


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